Solocator iPhone Android Mobile Phone Apps

Solocator iPhone Android Mobile Phone Apps

Solocator is a GPS field camera that lets you overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude, and date & time taken. You can also view photo orientation and place in map view and navigate there. With Industry Pack (IAP) you can add additional features such as editable notes or a watermark. Apps For iPhone and Android are designed and developed with attention to detail in Sydney, Australia.

Solacator iPhone and Android mobile app is perfect for the following uses:

  • Field Workers: Show where and when work was done including geo coordinates (Compass & Building mode).
  • Tradespeople/Contractors: Quoting work is easier with photos tagged for your client (Building mode).
  • Real Estate buyers/investors: Know which way rooms face getting the best solar gain (Compass & Building mode).
  • Builders: Check with a client what needs to be fixed/quoted and then email the info off to tradespeople (Building mode).
  • Architects: Take photos of building elevations for a redesign, also easy to file and find later. (Building mode). Use compass mode for new builds.
  • Sales People: Capture more information for professional quotations and proposals (Compass & Building mode).
  • Drivers: Capture when and where an accident happened but more importantly what direction you or others were driving (Compass mode).

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2 thoughts on “Solocator iPhone Android Mobile Phone Apps

  1. Hi,

    Does Solocator display and record azimuth bearings on photos in terms of magnetic north or true north? TIA,

    Alec Ross

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